What can I expect during a session with you?
A session geared specifically to your needs, based on the information you give me during the intake. If you need/want only upper body work, then in most cases that's exactly what you will recieve. Sometimes pain you are feeling can come from areas you may not be aware of which would lead to more comprehensive body work. The amount of pressure is always based on what you want and what your body can handle. If a light to moderate pressure is what you want, it is what you will receive.

How much do I need to undress for the Massage?
It is helpful if the client is undressed, but the option is to undress to your level of comfort. You are always under a sheet/blanket and only the part of you getting massaged is uncovered. The primary areas where clothing causes the most interference are the shoulders and back. While some clients prefer to leave on their underwear, and on rare occassions their bra, it can make for a more continous and relaxing experience if everything is removed. Please be aware that you will always be professionally and ethically draped at all times. It is of the upmost importance that you feel secure and comfortbale during your session.

Which technique should I request?
Don’t worry about it, we’ll work it out during the intake before your massage. By taking an integrative approach to your session, several techniques may be incorporated during the session.

What is Swedish Massage?
Swedish Massage is what most people think of as "regular" massage. It combines effleurage (long strokes) and petrissage (kneading) to relax muscles. Additionally, percussion and friction can be used to "wake the body up." Swedish is always a part of a good massage.

Do you have any specials?
Due to the populairty of the 90 minute sessions, they are always at a reduced price of $95, so everyone benefits! Normally it would be $110 if priced at the same rate as my other sessions

May I talk during the session?
Of course, it's your time! Just be aware that I rarely engage in conversation so that I can focus on taking care of you.

Is Massage supposed to be uncomfortable?
Most massages feel either relaxing and soothing or invigorating, but the general intent is not to cause pain. There are a few exceptions, like triggerpoint therapy and some kinds of deep-tissue work, which can be very uncomfortable at times. A common misconception is that deep tissue work also mean deep pressure. While it is common they may be combined, deep tissue work doesn't need to be painful. A properly trained Licensed Massage Therapist will monitor your comfort level. At any time during a session you should always insist that your Massage Therapsist reduce the pressure if it exceeds your comfort level. Applying excessive amounts of pressure is counter-productive and should be avoided if possible.

What type of lotion or oil do you use?
I use Bon Vital products exclusively for their quality and consistentcy. In almost every session I use their Organica creme, which is parabe free and as the name implies, organic. Over time I relaized my clients prefer to leave feeling the massage more than the lotion that was used and no longer use oil unliess specifically requested. The creme or lotions that I use readily absorb into the skin and leave you feeling more like you have just applied yourself and not as if you are oiled enough to swim the English Channe.l

What is stretching good for?
Stretching is an amazing way to loosen up tight muscles and joints. Active stretching (where you assist) or passive stretching (where you do not) are both terrific ways to work out sore points or 'kinks' in shoulders, lower back or legs. Stretching is a normal part of Sports Massage and may be added to any Massage.


After the Massage:

  • Drink some water. many people find themselves thirsty after a massage and find this very refreshing!
  • Plan to take the first 20 minutes after a massage lightly. For example, go on a short walk or sit quietly.
  • This allows the massage to settle nicely into the body.
  • After many massages, a nice warm bath or shower is very refreshing and maintains the effects of the session.