About Your Massage Therapist
I look at what I do as a vocation, not as a career. Massage Therapy is the best job I have ‘never’ had - I get to work on one happy person at a time! When you come for a session, you'll find yourself in the hands of a Massage Therapist who is excited about being there for you and not one that is watching the hours go by. I truly believe that every session is "all about you" and that your goals should never be compromised. Everything about my practice has been built around feedback from clients; the sessions, atmosphere of the room, music, even the location.

One of my favorite compliments from clients is that I listen to their needs and take an integrative approach to treating them, whether if it’s for relaxation or more therapeutic work. One thing I no longer do is “go as deep as I can”, a common request from clients who feel this works best for them. While LMTs right out of school tend to comply with this, some of us learn over time that it is actually counter-productive to the healing process. Massage should never be so painful that you want to slap your therapist or that you never want to go back.

I graduated at the top of my class from
The Louisville School of Massage and completed 750 hours of intensive training including two semesters in Student Clinic, participation in 18 Community Events, and a volunteer practicum at The House of Ruth. February of 2005 brought me back to LSM as a Supervisor and Instructor for Student Clinic as well as beginning a practice on a part time level at Stillpoint Wellness Center and at the Oasis Spa at Milestone Fitness Center. By August of 2005 I was practicing full time at Stillpoint and was named Program Director of the Louisville School of Massage. I knew during my time as a student at LSM that the curriculum was very unique in the nation. After becoming Director and examining schools across the country, I know for a fact that anyone graduating from this program is getting one of the most advanced massage educations available anywhere.

The clients I work on range from teenagers to seniors, homemakers to CEOs, and everyone in between. I’ve am fortunate to have developed a practice where my clients don’t feel the need to come to me for more therapeutic work and then to someone else to relax; they can have it all here with a massage therapist familiar with their needs. My practice is also ‘home’ to over 3 dozen other massage therapists who receive work from me on a regular basis.

September of 2009 brought about an opportunity that I simply couldn't resist: a quiet place to practice on my own. I 'retired' from teaching and directing the school to focus all of my attention to the care of my clients. It has resulted in an experience for which I am truly fortunate to have found.

My range of experience is from total relaxation to pain relief from injury or repetitive actions. Areas of special focus for my practice have been with clients needing pain relief, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, and Oncology clients. I also have an extensive background in Pregnancy Massage and received certification as a
Reiki Master through Master Martin Lee in England.

In September 2007, I received training in
Advanced Muscle Energy Techniques and Pulsed MET from Dr. Leon Chaitow. This work has dramatically changed the way I approach certain problems especially in regards to decreasing pain and tension in the neck as well as Trigger Poinst and migraines. These methods involve minimal movement of both you and myself with virtually no discomfort. In fact, if it is discomforting, we are doing incorrectly. In addition to this technique I have completed training in Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment as taught by Eric Dalton. There are many similarities to MET, but the focus is on relieving stress specifically on the spinal column.

As someone who has ran from 1983-2003 and biked much longer that that, I feel that my Sports Massage has something that you won't find with another Massage Therapist - I share your pain! Currently I work with runners, tri-athletes, tennis players, golfers, cyclist, as well as current and retired ballet dancers. During my career I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Olympic marathoners, volleyball players and the international AVP Volleyball tour players.