Relaxation Massage

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood but highly powerful massage techniques you may ever experience! Why? Simply because allowing yourself to relax causes a ripple effect throughout your body - from the nervous system to the muscles. Relaxation massage is much more than a pretty room and a white robe, it's about a state of mind and being. While it's not always a substitute for unwinding particularly stubborn muscles, it can create a state that allows more invasive work to be comfortable and highly effective.

Often my clients are surprised to learn that I offer relaxation massage because most rely on my ability to work out their issues using more advanced techniques. My personal belief is that I would not be as effective at those skills if I were not proficient at relaxation. I try to combine the two whenever possible, leaving my client's relaxed, but free from their aches, pain or stress as well.

Like any other massage I offer, your goals are what determine the pace and purpose of this massage session. A pure relaxation session typically has a very steady, methodical pace with just enough pressure to keep you aware of my presence but not so much that it's uncomfortable or distracting. It's never a 'fluff and buff' as some would call a conventional spa massage, nor so deep that you can't drift off. The majority of my clients fall asleep or come very close to it, while they are still lying face-up!

You have a choice of organic lotions to enhance your relaxation; unscented or a self-mixed lavender. If there is a special blend you prefer, give me a few days notice plus the specific essential oils and the massage will become closer to perfection for you.

Relaxation massage can help you have a better night's rest, melt away life's stress or offer you a quiet escape from the rest of your day. If you've never had one and feel like it's impossible to unwind and relax, you should schedule it now!