There are many options when looking for a massage, so it’s very important you understand what you are getting in return for your investment. It’s a balance of time, skill, and money to choose the session best for you.

The most difficult part to consider is the skill level of the massage therapist. Quite simply, you won’t know until the session precisely how good the therapist may be. Word of mouth and the experience posted on a website or brochure are a great place to start, but until the hands-on work begins, you will not know if he or she may be the right one for your needs. It is truly a leap of faith and trust that any qualified licensed massage therapist appreciates and does not take for granted.

The duration of the session is determined by factors such as your schedule, whether or not you only need/want focused work, and for some people how long it takes you to let go and relax.

When you are choosing a session, be sure you are getting what you are paying for. Know that with some places a 55 or 60 minute session actually includes the intake process and how long it takes you to dress and leave the room, generally cutting five to ten minutes from the massage. When you schedule an appointment with me, the only time you won’t receive the full time you chose is if you are delayed and show up very late. I purposely leave enough time between clients to allow for slight delays, but also that we can discuss your session and you don’t feel rushed to leave.