It is Truly All About You!
We all like to think that "it's all about me" so why don't you give yourself that opportunity with a massage? Think of it as 60 minutes or more that belong exclusively to you. It really begins as soon as you get into the car, your mind is beginning to leave everything behind. You are heading to that one place where there is no one demanding your time and energy, and best of all, no stress! Whatever length or type of session you choose, this is definitely a time in your day that revolves solely around you.

As a general rule the only sounds you'll hear during a session with me is music. I speak very seldom, only to check on how you are doing or how the pressure is, and always in a calm and low tone. If however you choose to carry on a conversation that is entirely up to you!

If it is your first time a brief intake is needed in order to better understand your medical history more specifically, what brings you in on a particular day. Our current lives and well being are often impacted by the past and that holds true in massage too. Your neck may have started hurting in the morning but it's often the days and often weeks before that lead up to your discomfort. It may take several sessions therapeutic massage to be most effective, so please be patient.

Massage has a dynamic effect us in numerous ways, but primarily physically and emotionally. The better we feel, the better we feel about ourselves and our environment in which we live.

“My work often creates sore, tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. Over
the years, having been to numerous massage therapists, I find Kenny Lyons
is the best! The setting is relaxing, his skills are spot-on and his
attention to client relations will always keep me coming back to him.” C.C.