Due to Covid's continuing spread, I am not currently accepting unvaccinated clients.
There will be no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
This is the direct link to Booksy, my online appointment service. Once there, simply click the “BookNow” button and you’ll be guided through a three step process that allows you the freedom to pick any available time 24 hours a day. Be sure to confirm your appointment and watch your mail box for the confirmation, if you do not see it within ten minutes, look inside your junk mail folder. Almost as instantly as you confirm the appointment, I also receive an email and text message notification as well. If you pick a time and leave that page or look at another time, the original one stays 'blocked for about 5 minutes and you will have to wait for it to re-open. If this happens you can also call or text me to insure you get the time you need. 502-523-2513

Cancellation Policy: 12 hours notification is required for cancellations or you may be charged for the session. Series cards may have session deducted.

Cash, check, all major credit cards and HSA/Flex account cards accepted.

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The State of Kentucky is now requiring that massage therapy sessions be charge 6% sales tax unless "medically necessary". I strongly recommend that you contact someone who can legally write a prescription and request one. Any physician, dentist, Nurse Practitioner, or psychiatrist can write one. I can help you make the case in requesting a valid order for massage. Even if you are just coming in for stress relief, it can be considered medically necessary. You can bring it in and I'll copy it or have your prescriber fax it to 502-586-7188.

While I have had to slightly raise my prices, I can still help you save money! Simply pay without a credit card and I'll give you a five dollar discount.
Now you can can save time by pre-paying for your session before your arrival! Click on the button below and you'll be directed to the store front for Relax Renew Revive Massage Therapy were you'll be able to pre-pay sessions or purchase gift certificates using the same system that I use at the massage studio, Square, or feel free to use your Venmo account. If using Venmo, you will need to know your total.
If paying through Venmo you can send it to KennyLyons. You'll need the last four digits of my phone number - 2513.
Zelle payment can be sent to 502-523-2513
Rates (Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, etc)
45 Minutes - $60
60 Minutes - $80
90 Minutes - $110
(reg $120)
Daily Special! I only have one, my 90 minute session is always $110. It's the most requested session, so all my clients benefit. If I were to charge at the same rate as the other sessions it would be $120. By keeping the rate down, more of you can take advantage of a longer, more beneficial massage!
And remember, a 90 minute session, lasts 90 minutes when you come to see me.
Series are also available for
sessions at a discount rate.
6 - 1 hour sessions - $450
($75 per session)
14 - 1 hour sessions - $980
($65 per session)

Due to the reduced rate of the 90 minute sessions, there are no packages to reduce the costs further.
If you are coming for the first time, the client intake form can be found here. You can fill it out in Adobe Acrobat before printing.